A Better Story

We're different because we care


We care about our legacy- how we've helped people succeed and how we've positively impacted the world.

We're not only focused on selling your products, but also ensuring that those products impact lives for the better. 


Welcome to a better story. 


of net profits go to charities for children


chance you'll help us change the world


Opportunity to succeed


chance to Create A Better Story

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Meet The Team Changing The Industry

Mark 1
Mark Lundquist
Lori 2
Lori Bethke
Sr. Merchandise Specialist
Jodi 1
Jodi Groenewold
Sr. Merchandise Specialist
Shauna 1
Shauna Olson
Sr. Analyst
Dan Headshot
Dan Bowling
Danny 1
Danny Wolchansky
Kari 1
Kari Picht
Sr. Analyst
Theresa 1
Theresa Peitz
Sr. Merchandise Specialist
Kimmy 1
Kim Nguyen
Digital Sales Manager
Michelle Head Shot
Michelle Weber
Kevin Headshot
Kevin Friedland
Christine 1
Christine Fitz
Sr. Financial Controller
Andy Headshot
Andy Weiner
Chief Advisor
Jay Foreman

“Toy’n Around has represented my company since our inception ten years ago. They are a indispensable part of our Target team and have helped us grow our business exponentially over the years."